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Everything you need for total vaccination
and testing compliance

HCIactive's Vax & Test Tracker empowers employers to be able to efficiently track critical vaccinations & testing metrics as well as publish reports for government compliance while reducing administrative burdens.

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The most comprehensive compliance solution available

Configurable Options

Vax & Test Tracker can be configured to support unique employer needs. Tailor tracking, tracing, and testing to enable compliance and eliminate workload burdens

Go-Live in Weeks

Easy-to-implement and supported with engaging materials to launch in as little as 1-2 weeks. Co-brandable mobile app, web portal, and employee collateral are available now.


Track Vaccinations & Testing

Monitor every employee's vaccination status and test results via advanced compliance program management dashboards.

  • Employees provide vaccination status and test results through VaxTracker web portal &/or mobile app

  • Employees upload digital images of verification cards and test results

  • Information is archived and protected in a HIPAA-compliant and highly secure environment

  • Dashboards provide full visibility of program progression to monitor compliance, from a macro-corporate view to drill-down view of each employee vaccination &/or test report


Trace Contacts

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with automated contact trace capabilities for potentially exposed employees.

  • Employees exhibiting COVID-19-like symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 will automatically be guided to contact tracing features

  • Employee's will enter/search all potential contacts who may have been in recent proximity (based on CDC guidelines)

  • Consolidated list of contacts is shared with program administrators

  • Automated emails are generated for immediate outreach


Train Employees

Online education training reflects the most recent CDC and federal guidelines for managing COVID-19 risk.

  • Focused, easy-to-complete training modules derived directly from CDC and federal guidance

  • Certification of worker comprehension

  • Self-paced

  • Program administrators notified of employee training status and comprehension 


Verify Results

Vaccination and testing results can be verified via self-attestation, HR, HCIactive, or artificial intelligence.

  • Cognitive artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) vaccination card verification service

  • All employee uploaded vaccination cards undergo an automated AI/ML synthesis to identify whether the card is in fact an official, federally approved vaccination card

  • Inconsistent information is identified and communications are sent to employees requesting specific corrective actions

  • Base solution includes AI/ML vaccination card verification

  • HCIactive can perform more sophisticated verifications for employee vaccination and test results information input is as a premium feature


Test for Infections

Rapid results self-test kits are available to be shipped to centralized worksite locations & employee addresses.

  • A standard kit includes 2-tests per kit 

  • Tests may be virtually proctored for accuracy and completeness, as required by OSHA's ETS, through the VaxTracker platform

  • Employees can make appointments and have a virtual session with a proctor through VaxTracker

  • COVID-19 tests and test proctoring services are premium features


Keep workforces and workplaces safe

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